We represent ship owners of regular lines with container and general cargo services, such as CNAN NORD and CNAN MED. We work the regular line with a clear vocation of marketing to freight forwarders, promoting the loading ports of our represented companies.


We serve the maritime agency of husbandry of ships on behalf of charterers or owners that require our services. We offer a port consignment service, both from a national and international perspective.

Car Carrier

We serve the representation of shipowners dedicated to automobile logistics, especially EML and MOL. We coordinate your port calls, loading and stowage operations, technical representation and coordination with the stevedore or terminal, as well as the representation and marketing of these lines for rolled cargo.


We commercially promote the coordination of project cargo transportation, especially in the maritime section and with a focus dedicated to cargo on mafi


Portfolio of specialized services for the Offshore industry, with equipment and infrastructure specialized in the repair and maintenance of oil platforms and prospecting vessels in the Canary Islands.


Division dedicated to the specialized cruise ship agency in the Canary Islands. Transit and turn-around operations of various cruise companies operating in the archipelago are attended.